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Some history concerning ‘la Grande Remise’…

‘La Grande Remise’ is a profession which dates back to the beginning of the seventeenth century, around the time when Louis XIV took up quarters in Versailles. ‘Le Louvre’ at this point was just a ‘château’ and ‘la rue de Rivoli’ a narrow and muddy street.

Horse-drawn carriages, employed by the King and his court would wait outside ‘le Louvre’, thus creating traffic problems. The Royal Marshall enacted a law obliging these carriages to wait inside sheds (remise in French) within the grounds of the Louvre.

According to the importance and notoriety of the passengers transported, a distinction was made between ‘Grande’ and ‘Petite’ Remise.

The more luxurious ‘Grande Remise’ carriages had already been differentiated from the modest ‘voitures de place’, hired for the job or by the hour. Today this distinction still applies and is effectively the difference between Grande Remise and Taxis.


L’Association Monégasque des Professionnels de la Grande Remise

Times have changed and the horse-drawn carriages have long been replaced by the highest quality luxury sedans and mini-vans. Our professional association, represents the major limousine rental companies in Monaco, is non-profit and authorised by…We possess a fleet of over 100 top-end vehicles and as many professional chauffeurs.

Whilst protecting their independence and identity, each member of our association remains committed to the principles of confidentiality and quality, proposing a first class service both to international visitors and Monaco residents.

The Association acts unilaterally with the Government and various Administrations in order to protect our profession and our brand image.

Building a future and conscious of the environmental effects due to our activity, our members respect the concept of sustained development and are committed to the use of ‘clean’ vehicles.